Monday, June 4, 2012

Jump for Julep

Flipping through the pages of InStyle magazine and keeping up with Instagram or any social media outlet, you find out about new products or products you didn't know existed. One of my friends on Instagram posted a pic of this brand of polish called Julep so I decided to research to see what this brand is all about. And.....this brand is about inspiration and being environmentally friendly. They are willing to stand out from the rest, be innovative and trend-setting by creating a fun way for women to step out of their comfort zone. As an added plus they will donate a $1 from the sale of each polish product to an organization that empowers women and the prices range from $14-$18 depending on the polish. Another thing that is unique about this brand is that they name each color after women who inspire them. As I read more and more about this brand I know I am going to be jumping for Juelp!!!

Below are some colors which I plan on trying and will post a review.
1. Olivia 
2. Lauren 
3. Trina
4. Robin
5. Alyson

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